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Mar 30 2015
Weeks 2 and 3 are in the books!

Hello fellow runners,

I have completed the second and third weeks of training since my last post.

  • Week 2 consisted of 4x1200, five miles and a 12-mile run
  • Week 3 consisted of 6x800, seven miles and a 13-mile run.

I have to give a shout out to Mother Nature
for gracing us runners with warm weather! I don't know about you, but weeks two and three were all performed outside in the fresh air (more importantly not on an indoor track!) When I'm running outside the miles go by a lot faster, I have more room to crank up the tunes and let my mind wander with my feet!

The long runs went just ok. The 13-mile run took a toll on my knees. I noticed a strong ache during and especially after the run. I researched for some insight. The likely problem is an imbalance between the lack of strength in my quads and tightness in my hamstrings, I will remedy that this week with weight workouts that emphasis legs and more stretching. In the meantime, I read to take ibuprofen to minimize inflammation and bags of peas right on the knee caps (feels glorious.) I'm open to hear what other fellow runners found to be beneficial when aches and pain sneak up!

As for the weeks ahead, I will keep trucking and logging miles! I hope runners out there will do the same and continue to enjoy their training!


Join Adam as he trains for the HFM Maritime Marathon. He'll be following a 16-week marathon training program from the FIRST (Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training), titled "Run Less, Run Faster."

Please comment below to share your training experiences for this year's HFM Maritime Marathon!

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