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Apr 15 2015
Trial and Error

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since my last post. The time is really flying by and the marathon will be here before we know it. I am finding a rhythm in my training these days. I feel confident in my training plan and my abilities. This is the one place I have struggled with during past marathons. As I reflect, I realize that much of marathon training has been about trial and error - going through some tough runs to find what works. The marathon distance is tough and one that needs to be respected. What works in a 10k may not work for a marathon.

I hit 16 miles last weekend which felt nice. It has been a few months since I have hit that mileage. I was tired after the distance but felt confident. The weather is cooperating nicely and the Mariner’s trail along the lake is absolutely beautiful these days. The water has been really blue and it’s hard to believe the trail is practically in my backyard. I am embracing the speed workouts I have been doing and while they are hard, I definitely feel they are making me stronger. I used to run every workout at the same intensity and this left me burned out. Thankfully, I have found a way to work in different paces that have left me more efficient as a runner.

The one thing I am still struggling with during training is nutrition. I have used gels, candy and sports drinks but haven’t found the winning combination. Gels become gross the later I get into a long run, sports drinks are too sweet and candy just becomes messy. I have also found that I was never consistent enough with nutrition on long runs and on race day. I would go on auto pilot and forget about my gels or candy I had with me until I really needed it. When it got to that point, it was too late. My body was depleted and it is hard coming back from that.

Going forward, I am going to be more deliberate in nature with nutrition. My plan is to consistently use nutrition along the way so I stay strong the entire race. I am trying a new product I learned about from a friend of mine who runs ultramarathons called Tailwind. It is a sport drink but is supposed to be all you need for long runs. I figured I would give it a shot. It will be put to the test when I get to my 20 mile run in a few weeks.

New running shoes arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited. I need to start rotating these new shoes into the mix so I am ready for the big day. I had been having foot issues and was desperate to find something that worked. I decided to give these a try and they have been great for me. It took quite a bit of time running to find the right shoe but I am glad I finally found the ones that work for me.

As I look at my training in the upcoming weeks, I see it’s going to be busy. The 18 and 20 mile runs are on the horizon. This is almost as much mental as it is physical for me. There is something about those numbers that is intimidating every single time. Along with those runs, I have 3 half marathons during the month of May. I am super excited about these as it has been awhile since I have knocked out the 13.1 distance in a race and am going for some personal bests next month.

Get out there and enjoy your runs the next few weeks!

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