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May 27 2015
Finding clarity in running

A little over six weeks from now, I will be at the starting line of my third marathon with no overnight travel requirements. That’s a great feeling. This also means family support throughout the race. I am nearing peak mileage and will be dropping down before I know it and heading towards the taper. Since my mileage has been increasing I’ve had more time reflecting, preparing mentally for race day and giving back to others.

As my mileage increases, I am spending more time on my feet and alone with my thoughts.
For some people, this would be annoying. For me it’s a treat. This is my time to think, decompress, and where magic happens. I usually come back from a run with a clearer head than when I started. Finding the answer I have been searching for or struggling to find is often found on a long run.

During the past few weeks, I have continued on with my speed, tempo and long runs. I had a step back week in which my long run was only ten miles. It was a welcome break. Seven to ten miles are becoming common for mid-week runs. Last weekend was my eighteen mile run and it was a mentally and physically challenging run. I ended up running some serious hills on that run which worked my body harder than normal. Even though it wasn’t my fastest run, I ran the hills. Hills usually stop me in my tracks and I decide to walk them rather than 
running them. I’ve realized, I’m never going to get better at running hills if I continue to walk those hills.

For me, part of running is involving my family and helping others. 
Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to train with myTeam Triumph as I prepare to run a half marathon with a team of individuals. When we run together, a group of angels pushes an athlete (a captain) in special race chair to allow them the experience of taking part in an endurance event. This week the kids joined me as we did a short run through DePere. These training runs teach me about perseverance, building relationships and strength.

I’ll be hitting my twenty mile run this coming weekend and part of that mileage will be in completing my first half marathon of 2015 in Door County. I am going for a PR at this race. While, I know this race will be tough, I know I have it in me for my PR. Make it a great few weeks!

Join Melissa as she trains for the HFM Maritime Marathon. She'll share the lessons she's learning, entertain and hopefully inspire you along the way.


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