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Sep 21 2015
Medically-Based Fitness: Experience the Difference

The HFM Wellness Center will be celebrating 10 years of business in October! A decade! Since then, amazing people have passed through our doors and we feel proud and honored to have served our community.

It would be easy to say we’re a fitness center with a pool but really the wellness center offers so much more. The idea of an HFM wellness center started with HFM President and CEO Mark Herzog. Mark’s vision was for HFM to provide a medically-based, full-service health and wellness facility serving Manitowoc County. The wellness center would allow HFM the opportunity to help patients and the community to be accountable for their health with physical activity. For that reason, the HFM Wellness Center is located at the HFM Harbor Town Campus where some of our clinics are located.

The HFM Wellness Center works under the philosophy that Exercise is MedicineTM. Research proves that exercise has a role in the treatment, management and prevention of more than 40 chronic diseases, including the most common conditions in Manitowoc County: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. In many cases, an increase in a patient’s level of physical activity allows a physician to significantly decrease a patient’s drug dosage, or eliminate it altogether. 

There are a couple specific differences I want to share with you about a medical fitness facility versus a typical gym. First and foremost, our staff. Exercise professionals must have a degree and be certified to serve a continuum of client needs: some clients wish to optimize their athletic performance, some wish to improve their fitness, and many wish to elevate their activity levels to prevent or manage chronic disease. Plus, these people bleed motivation and passion for health and fitness – you can feel their energy when you’re around them and you can’t help but be inspired! 

Secondly, we collaborate with medical professionals. This brings many benefits but the highlight is you receive the right care at the right time. While you’re here, you can talk with a personal trainer about therapeutic exercise to minimize pain, and when appropriate, they can work with your healthcare provider to make sure you’re on the fast track to healing. When it becomes more than what exercise can solve, our trainers have the healthcare resources to know who to refer you to. 

Qualified staffing allows us to focus on two aspects of community wellness: prevention of disease and management of disease. While most any physical fitness program will offer prevention benefits, we offer services that are guided by qualified professionals, allowing us to work with special populations such as those with cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and pre-diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and the muscular system’s role in pain and injury. 

We feel as though our community has the importance of physical activity and regular exercise is on its radar, and is bringing it to the forefront of personal health. We’ve seen the improvements in members reaching their fitness goals, the number of people attending group fitness classes, and the number of people sticking with it! 

One misconception I often hear in the community is that people need to be a patient of HFM to be a member at the Wellness Center. This is not the case and we absolutely welcome anyone who is looking to for a place for exercise to join the HFM Wellness Center. Whatever your fitness level, you’ll be sure to find a program here.

For our 10-year celebration, we’ll be offering some exciting promotions and events to help us celebrate our success. Visit to learn more about our anniversary events and member specials. 

On behalf of my staff and myself, I would like to thank our members for choosing the HFM Wellness Center and their support in helping us reach this milestone. Can’t wait to see you at the HFM Wellness Center! 

Dana Royer is the manager for the HFM Wellness Center.


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Mark Herzog October 19, 2015 at 01:34 pm

This is an outstanding post! Thanks for sharing.

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