Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - National Film about End of Life

The public is invited to a free showing of the national documentary “Consider the Conversation” on May 7 from 6 - 7:30 pm in the Manitowoc Room on the first floor at Holy Family Memorial Medical Center. This event is sponsored by the Holy Family Memorial Hospice.

The film was created to help families have the challenging conversation about individual wishes for the end of life hopefully well before that time arrives.

The producers Mike Bernhagen and Terry Kaldhusdal goals for “Consider the Conversation” were to change the commonly held American attitude that views end-of-life as a failed medical event to one that sees it as a normal process rich in opportunity for human development.

They also wanted to inspire conversations between patient and doctor, husband and wife, parent and child, minister and parishioner.

Another goal was to encourage medical professionals, healthcare organizations, and clergy to take the lead in counseling others.

This film agrees with the concept of advanced care planning which is talking to patients about their end-of-life wishes, documenting them and taking action to ensure that they are honored. “Consider the Conversation” is a tool to help initiate that end-of-life dialogue while being sensitive to the unique perspective and needs of the individual.

There will be a panel discussion following the documentary by the HFM Hospice staff including: Dr. Lynn Baatz, Leah O’Barski RN/CHPN, Rachel Kummer APSW and Rahlf Proulx Chaplain to address any questions from the audience.

After the panel discussion, coffee, cookies and casual seating spaces around the building will be provided for families to discuss this important issue if they wish to do so.

Registration is requested by not required by calling HFM Insights at 320-2519 or at
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