Tuesday, May 07, 2013 - Direct Access Physical Therapy

HFM Rehab Plus now offers direct access to physical therapy – an opportunity for patients to be evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist without needing to first see a physician for a referral.

Direct access therapy is available for individuals with private insurance who have musculoskeletal problems. While not all conditions apply, this may include sports and recreational injuries, work-related injuries, low back and neck pain, muscle and joint strains and sprains, and many more.

“By directly seeking the services of a physical therapist, you can be assured you are receiving the right care, in the right setting, for the right outcomes,” states Sarah Pickel, HFM Rehab Plus Team Leader. “Direct Access to Physical Therapy can provide faster diagnosis of, intervention for and prevention of impairments, limitations and disabilities related to movement, function and health.”

This innovative new service allows patients to save time and money, while expediting treatment, relief and recovery. Studies indicated that visiting a therapist directly for outpatient care can result in up to 27% fewer visits and lower overall costs.

HFM Rehab Plus is located at HFM’s Harbor Town Campus, 1650 S. 41st Street, Manitowoc and 1400 Washington Street, Two Rivers.

Direct Access Therapy is reimbursed by many insurance companies. For more information or for an appointment, call 320-3100.
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