Friday, May 24, 2013 - First Baby Born in Newly Remodeled Center

The HFM Women’s & Children’s Center celebrated their grand opening on May 11 by kicking off the “Where in the World are the HFM Babies” contest.

Holy Family Memorial has delivered thousands of babies over the years. In 1920, 250 babies were born at HFM, and the numbers grew through the Baby Boom years and beyond. In 1952, Memorial Hospital opened its doors and also began delivering babies. HFMMC & Memorial’s 1990 merger brought the hospitals together as Holy Family Memorial where thousands more babies have been born.

HFM wants to celebrate all the lives of everyone born in their facility by learning where all the HFM babies are now and sharing the locations of those places on a world map online and on a map at our Western Avenue Campus Main Lobby.

There will also be a contest to award prizes to the first baby born in the newly remodeled unit, the HFM baby living the furthest away, the oldest HFM baby still living, and a random winner chosen from all entries received.

The first winner has already arrived! Tahj Moorehead was the first baby born at the new Women’s and Children’s Center. He and his family won a $50 Chamber Bucks certificate.

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