Friday, September 06, 2013 - Oldest Living Baby from HFM Wins Contest


Mary Claire Mullins, pictured with (L-R) Dr. William Leach, OB/GYN,
Dr. Amy Stockhausen, Pediatrician,
and Dr. Jennifer Paltzer, OB/GYN.

Excerpt from article in Herald-Times Reporter


MANITOWOC — When the Holy Family Memorial marketing department sent out a call to all “babies” born at its hospital, someone entered Mary Claire Mullins’ name.

Mullins, 90, won the “Oldest Living HFM Baby” category, but still doesn’t know who entered her. She has an inkling it was one of her many relatives or friends, Mullins said.

A group of hospital representatives recently visited Mullins at her Manitowoc home to present her with her award and to reminisce.

The “Where in the World are the HFM Babies?” contest was open to anyone born at Holy Family Memorial Medical Center and its predecessors, Holy Family Hospital and Memorial Hospital.

“As we started to think about the grand opening of our Women’s and Children Center, we began to think about all the children who were born here in the past,” said Sue Allen, team leader for marketing operations.

The contest, which kicked off when the new center opened in May, ended in mid-August. Nearly 500 entries poured in.

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"Where in the World are the HFM babies?"contest



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