Wednesday, November 06, 2013 - HFM Lymphedema Clinic Moves

The Lymphedema Clinic at Holy Family Memorial has expanded its physical space and moved to a new location in the network. The clinic, which offers therapy to help patients reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, is at a new location on the third floor of HFMMC, 2300 Western Ave.

Lymphedema is the swelling of a body part, most often in the arms or legs but it may also occur in the face, neck, and abdomen. The most common form of lymphedema occurs as a result of surgery and/or the radiation treatment of cancer.

Lymphedema therapy includes exercises, compression bandaging, compression garments and massage to help individuals with post traumatic edema, post-surgical swelling, chronic venous insufficiency, swelling following cancer treatments, swelling related to complex regional pain syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis

Treatment is performed by Certified Lymphedema Therapist Rebecca Blanke, who is the only “Klose” trained therapist in Manitowoc County. Klose Training offers the highest quality Lymphedema Certification and Continuing Education courses in the U.S. Rebecca has also attended education courses in breast cancer rehabilitation and advanced lymphedema management.

For more information on the HFM Lymphedema Clinic or to arrange for a screening, call 320-3100.
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