Thursday, June 11, 2015 - HFM CEO Presents at National Health Assembly

Holy Family Memorial and Felician Village’s joint healthcare collaboration gained national recognition at the 2015 Catholic Health Association’s annual meeting in Washington D.C. On June7, HFM President and CEO Mark Herzog and Felician Village President and CEO Frank Soltys, spoke about the continuum of healthcare model that has changed the way healthcare is delivered between the two facilities. 

For the last decade, HFM has been addressing the dramatic changes happening with the country’s healthcare system and focusing on improving the health of the community, especially the senior population. There are approximately 82,000 people living in Manitowoc County, with 18 percent of residents in the over 65 age group, compared to the state average of 14 percent. In 2009, HFM established a physician office at Felician Village – making it one of the first healthcare systems in the nation to put an on-site clinic at a long-term care facility. 

“This unique partnership allows Felician Village residents convenient access to a physician without having to leave our senior living community,” said Soltys.  “In addition, having a physician on-site has also helped reduce our re-hospitalization rate.”

Since 2011, HFM has seen a 63 percent decrease in transports to the emergency department from long-term care facilities. In addition, the overall readmission rate from nursing homes have decreased by 20 percent.

“The joint collaboration between HFM and Felician Village is based on HFM’s Right Care, Right Setting, and Right Outcomes philosophy,” said Herzog. “We’ve received great outcomes by seeing patients in the setting that is best for them and creating a seamless coordination of care between HFM and the long-term facilities.”
With this innovative partnership, these two rural healthcare organizations are proving that when providing the right care in the right setting, patients receive the right health outcomes. 

During the presentation, Herzog also spoke about HFM’s collaboration with other community partners to improve medical access for the poor and vulnerable. As a result of this joint effort, a community clinic opened in 2013 offering primary care medical services. In 2014, the community clinic expanded its services to include behavioral health services. Since the clinic has opened, HFM has seen a reduction in the number of visits to the emergency department by patients utilizing the emergency department as their primary care provider. 

The University of Wisconsin Public Health Institute measured in 2010 that the local care delivery system in Manitowoc County improved from 31 out of 72 Wisconsin counties to 15 – a 52 percent improvement! 

HFM’s Right Care philosophy is based on its mission which is deeply rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to provide services to help individuals and its communities achieve healthier lives. As a healthcare network provider and being the largest employer in Manitowoc County, HFM continues to work on innovative collaborations to dramatically improve patient centered care for the elderly, the poor, and the vulnerable. 

The Catholic Health Association’s annual meeting also commemorated the organization’s 100th anniversary and President Barack Obama closed the CHA’s annual membership meeting by delivering the “Future of Healthcare Address.” For more information about the Catholic Health Association annual meeting, visit  

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