Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - HFM Gastroenterology to Relocate to HFM Medical Center

Jeremy Anclam, DO 

William Alvarez, MD

Mansoor Shariff, MD

HFM Gastroenterology, originally named the Woodland Clinic, and currently located at 1900 Woodland Drive, Manitowoc, will move to Holy Family Memorial Medical Center, 2300 Western Avenue, Manitowoc on November 20. The clinic will be located in the right wing of the current HFM Heart and Vascular Center. The Heart and Vascular Center will continue to occupy the left wing of the area. Procedures, such as colonoscopies, will be done in the Medical Center operating room suites.

The decision to re-locate to the Medical Center allows more convenient access to laboratory, diagnostic services and the operating room where, as mentioned, gastroenterology procedures, such as endoscopies, will be performed.

Doctors located at this clinic will be gastroenterologists Jeremy Anclam, William Alvarez, and Mansoor Shariff.

Starting November 20, the clinic will have a new phone number, (920) 320-3744. Office hours will remain the same. If you have questions before November 20, please call the current number, (920) 320-6212.

HFM Internal Medicine will continue to be located at 1900 Woodland Drive.
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