Meet Dr. Swerchowsky

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Meet Dr. Swerchowsky


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and in Manitowoc County and Holy Family Memorial is on a mission to change that statistic.

Heart and Vascular Center:

Holy Family Memorial Medical Center is among the first medical centers in the U.S. to treat patients with the next generation stent, a scaffolding used to open blocked arteries. Dr. Vladimir Swerchowsky, HFM Interventional Cardiologist with the Heart and Vascular Center uses a technique that only 1% of all cardiologists in the nation uses; going in through the wrist instead of the leg for coronary interventions. This causes less bleeding and also gets the patient back to normal activities quicker. Dr. Swerchowsky is one of the first in the nation to use the new stent technology with insertion through the wrist.

Heart and Vascular Center

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