About Us

Rooted in the Franciscan tradition of hospitality and the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, Holy Family Memorial has a rich heritage of putting our community first. When the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were approached by local clergy and community leaders over a century ago to start a hospital to care for the health needs of our growing community, they answered the call. And we’ve been proudly serving our community ever since.

We were founded in 1899 with a mission to serve our community’s unique needs. As healthcare has evolved—and as our community has grown—so have we. But our mission remains the same.

We’re committed to providing the right care, in the right setting, for the right outcomes.

Today, we’re recognized as the leader and largest provider of healthcare services in Manitowoc County. Our network of more than 830 healthcare professionals proudly provides our community with top quality, personalized care.

Local Healthcare

Doing what’s right.
Innovative care for our

Holy Family Memorial, in affiliation with the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network, is the recognized leader and largest provider of comprehensive health care services in Manitowoc County. Founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, Holy Family Memorial, rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, is committed to providing high-quality medical care and dedicated to helping individuals in the communities Holy Family Memorial serves achieve healthier lives. Holy Family Memorial includes an inpatient and outpatient medical center, specialty and walk-in care and more than 10 clinics.

  • Cancer can be a life-changing diagnosis. But life doesn’t stop. And neither do we. Our HFM Cancer Center team is here and ready to walk with you through your journey, always focused on you and the right outcome. Through our HFM Cancer Center, we offer innovative, collaborative, comprehensive cancer services to care for your physical, spiritual and emotional needs.
  • At HFM Orthopaedics, we’re here to help you get back to doing what you love. Our dedicated team of orthopaedic experts delivers orthopaedic excellence to each of our patients, and we’re proud to be recognized as the region’s premier orthopaedic provider—a distinction we’ve held for more than a decade.
  • At HFM Women’s Health, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare for women throughout every life stage. Whether you’re welcoming your first baby into the world, scheduling your first mammogram, approaching menopause, or just trying to improve your health and well-being, we’re here to provide you with services and support for all of your unique healthcare needs. Because while the specific type of care you need may change as you go through different life stages, the need for expert, compassionate and specialized care doesn’t.
  • HFM Heart & Vascular Center provides top-quality, comprehensive cardiac care to our community. Featuring an award-winning 24/7 cardiac cath lab—the only of its kind in Manitowoc and Sheboygan counties—our team quickly and expertly diagnoses, treats and manages everything from chest pain, heart attacks and congestive heart failure, to coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, arrhythmias and hypertension.

At Holy Family Memorial, you receive world-class, faith-based healthcare right in your own community. You don’t have to travel to a larger market network to get better quality of care—we’re right here, just minutes from your home, working hard to exceed regional and national standards every day. It’s our promise to you—to provide the right care, in the right setting, for the right outcomes. Our ever-growing list of awards, accolades, accreditations and recognition demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our dedication to our patients and our community.

Why choose faith based healthcare?

As a Catholic healthcare system, Holy Family Memorial is part of something larger; an entity that has been meeting healthcare needs in the United States before it was the United States. We, and our peers across this nation, are committed to providing care to patients and transforming hurt into hope. Rooted in our mission and guided by our vision, we epitomize quality, compassionate, and respectful care through all life stages.

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