• Rebecca Rivera

    Rebecca is always very helpful any time I ask. Especially with any last minute requests that come in late in my day. Thank you Rebecca for helping me out!

    Diane Najmayer

  • Pam Rezach

    Pam came off of her lunch to help me with an EKG issue. I needed a stat reading, and my EKG was not flowing through the system.
    Thank you very much!!

    Megan Jensen

  • Tammy LeCloux

    Msw called to check in on a wife of a hospice patient. Patients wife shared how great Tammy was with patient and how caring she is with him. Keep up the great work Tammy our patients and family truly appreciate all that you do for them!

    Bethany Fecht


    Michele is always wiling to help no matter how busy SHE is, she will make time to help, EVEN if it is for a provider she is not working with on that day! This goes for patients as well as Team members! A BIG THANK YOU! Just want to know your hard work does NOT go unnoticed! You are an asset to HFM!

    Kristi Moreno

  • Amber Schroeder

    Amber goes above and beyond on a daily basis! She sets an example for ALL employees to follow. Thank you Amber! When she sees something needs to be done, she NEVER “pushes it off” on someone else, she takes the few seconds, or minutes to send that communication to fellow staff or sends a work order to Plant Ops etc….Amber takes on many rolls within the department and can ALWAYS be counted on to follow up on whatever task is thrown her way! You are such an example – Again, Thank you for all you do!!!

    Kristi Moreno

  • Barb Mirsberger

    Barb is committed to the lab.

    11 PM issue with ABL; contacted Barb and she came in to fix situation.

    She’s an asset. She’s what makes HFM special. I’m new and knowing I have this kind of support from management is very comforting.

    Todd Satchell

  • Kim Cooper

    Kim is a joy to interact at any level. She is especially pleasant to work with and is someone that can be trusted to follow through on promises.

    I am nominating her for coming in early to finish training and offer additional resources earlier this week. I get dates and times a bit confused on 3rd.

    I feel comfortable and up to the challenge with the support Kim has provided.

    She’s a blessing!

    Todd Satchell

  • Beverly Pautz

    Beverly is one of the kindest people I know. She commonly thinks of others before herself, has a listening ear not only for her clients but for her co-workers as well. Being in a helping professional is surely her calling in life. She often times greets you with a smile and a “How are You?” When my father passed away recently she came to the Wake and has been there for me to lean on the last couple of weeks when I needed her. She is my EAP, colleague and friend!

    Thanks for giving me the strength to be the best I can be. Your smile and cheerful laughter often make my day. Thanks for all you do personally and within our department each and every day.

    Lori Wessel

  • Alicia

    Our patient’s families complemented you on how well you do taking care of her mother. You go above and beyond to make sure your patient’s needs are met and are always a team player!!

    Cassandra Pasternak

  • Brandi Pumphrey

    Brandi helped out a patient by typing up a list of her medications for Dr. Corrigan to sign off on for help with rental assistance. The patient was needing to have this done ASAP so she could get it to her landlord. I did not have the time to do this myself and Brandi was more than happy to do this and has even offered to help with other projects such as typing up labels. This patient was very appreciative and well as myself and Dr. Corrigan!

    Kristi Johnstone

  • Julie Engeldinger

    Julie donated 25 hours of her own ETO time so that I could be with my mother the last few days of her life. This meant more to me than anything that anyone has ever done. And the time I was able to spend with my mother was priceless.

    Kristy Sherrod

  • Cynthia Kubichek

    Cindy is always patient and willing to assist providers and nurses in a friendly, respectful and professional manner. She explains use of Cerner in a way that everyone can understand. Cindy has a great sense in how to approach the person with whom she is working based on their ability level and even their personality.

    Brian Boomgarden

  • Jane Bendickson

    I was called in for an inpatient and met Jane coming out of the MRI area. Without even asking she helped me take he inpatient back up to the floor.
    It is a small thing yes I know, but it is the small things that make your day better at times.
    Thanks Jane!

    Kandi Anhalt

  • Micki Warpinski, Michelle Berg, Jen Wellner, Kathy Endries

    Today when I had a patient that needed 1:1 care for patient safety, each employee took turns sitting with my patient so I could attend to other patients I was assigned to. Without their help it would not have been possible. Micki also stayed an hour past her shift to help with this effort, and I truly appreciate it!

    Amy Cohen

  • Jenny McMeans

    Jenny has picked up shifts for me on more that one occasion when I have had a family emergency. I appreciate your willingness to always help me out. Thank you so much for your support. You are a great co-worker.

    Kim Davis, RN

  • Cathy McDaniel

    Cathy did a recovery for me when I was on call so that I could complete my annual skills fair. Thank you Cathy, I couldn’t have done it without your help.

    Kim Davis, RN

  • Keri Wydner-Krause

    Keri was low censused and came in to cover for me last minute when I had an ill child. Thank you so much for going above and beyond for a co-worker. You’re the best

    Kim Davis, RN

  • Lynn Geimer

    Lynn went above and beyond to help me in the microbiology lab during the hours we overlapped during a busy weekend. She is a thoughtful and proactive tech who is always willing to help whenever a certain area of the lab is busy. Lynn is extremely adaptable to any environment she is in and I appreciate her help so much! Thank you!

    Brianna Brixius

  • Lori Umnus

    Cheers to Lori Umnus for coming over to ENT & Hearing and Balance on 2/28 at last minute. We had two employees go home sick on Friday, 2/28. Lori came over with a smile on her face and filled in our PSR gap. Thank you Lori!!

    Megan Gospodarek

  • Jeremy Sehloff

    I needed an office cleaned sooner than anticipated for a new Provider. Jeremy made sure it was going to be clean without any question. It made for a good first impression for this Provider.

    Aarika Schug

  • Lyle Doberstein

    We received a call from a daughter of a patient who had a concern. She voiced this concern with Lyle while he was drawing her mother. He took the time to listen and he directed her to area of HFM for her concern.
    The daughter addressed the concern to the appropriate area and also called patient experience. In her story, she noted the care from lab – from good communication of the home draw schedule to the care of the gentleman who drew her mom’s blood.
    Thanks Lyle for making a difference and showing them care and compassion!

    Becky Schleis

  • Roy Kiel

    Roy is always cheerful and positive when he stops into HFM Pharmacy to pick up orders for delivery. Tonight we had item that got missed with the earlier delivery. We thought we would need to wait for the morning courier but Roy volunteered to take care of the task tonight and did the job quickly and with his usual smile. He always patiently waits if the pharmacy is busy when he stops in. Thank you Roy for your great courier work and for your positivity!

    Kayla Pirus

  • Sarah Jetton

    Sarah was thanked by a GIP hospice patients family member on a bereavement phone call for putting them at ease at a stressful time. Pts family was also appreciative of how well she explained things and how caring of an RN Sarah is. Thank you Sarah for all you do and the care you provide to our homecare and hospice patients in a time of need!

    Bethany Fecht

  • mail volunteers

    WOW ~ I needed to get something to another department via interdepartmental mail. I expected it to take a day or two because it was a department at a different site. I sent in the morning and before 1pm, it has arrived at it’s destination!! I am super impressed!
    Thank you to all that work in the mail room and the drivers who take it to different sites — you keep us doing interdepartmental business!!

    Becky Schleis

  • Liz Hochman

    Liz has been taking the extra effort to help monitor our work queues during this Peds transitioning time on top of her regular duties. She doesn’t wait for me to ask for help instead she asks me what can she help with.

    Thanks Liz


  • Amber Johnson

    Amber is always there to give a helping hand and words of encouragement . She goes above and beyond to ensure that the team is a success. Thank you Amber for always being there!

    LaVonne Kunesh

  • LeeRae Groth

    LeeRae took the lead on the Lean on the Lakeshore demonstration for massage therapy. She researched and compiled a partner chair-massage demonstration to give to the two groups and did a wonderful job explaining and walking the participants through the routine. I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end both times as she demonstrated for the class but that is not why I’m nominating her. LeeRae is one of the most helpful and considerate people I have ever worked with. She anticipates and assists in wants and needs to make the days flow smoother as well as being eager to help when there is an opportunity; from something as simple as helping get the massage table sheets switched over and ready for the next client to opening the wellness center when the person scheduled got unexpectedly sick. Getting to see her interact with her clients, she regularly goes out of her way to assist them and very professionally converses with them while adding a very personable touch. Leading the L.O.L. presentation is just one example of LeeRae’s ability to make working with her a very positive experience. It is said that you are the cumulative of the five people you spend most of your time with and I am very lucky to get to spend my work days with her.

    Sabrina Roll

  • Deanna Dehne

    Continuous support, cheerful and always there to pull me from the ledge! She inspires me to keep going even when I am frustrated to the point of insanity. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this department, Deanna is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to jump in and help me out when ever needed!!

    Kymberly Meredith

  • Paula Dudzinske

    There was a gentleman at the Espresso Connection that stopped me because he saw my HFM badge. He asked for help getting questions answered for his Sleep Test – He had gone up the 4th floor and no one was there; he wasn’t sure where to go.

    The Wound Team helped me connect with the RTs. Once I relayed the story to Paula she immediately offered to come up and speak with the patient.

    Paula listened to his questions, helped him fill out a patient intake form he was struggling with, and offered to deliver all of this to the Sleep team when they are back on Monday – saving him the hassle of another trip.

    Paula could have simply said ‘it’s not my job’ (because it isn’t) – but she took ownership to help this gentleman have a great experience at HFM. She went above and beyond and I am thankful for her collegiality, and patient-centered mindset.

    Zarine Hanson

  • Elizabeth Blasius

    Elizabeth is a complete joy to work with in our Marketing department. She takes ideas and creates wonderful prints, wording and visions. Her efficiency, great attitude and strong work ethic are all to be recognized! Strong work, Elizabeth!! 🙂

    Brittany Shimek

  • Jill Katz, RN PACU

    Jill covered my call for 4 hrs. on a Saturday afternoon so that I could attend my son, Anthony’s last swim meet of the season. He ended up receiving a medal and his school, Woodrow Wilson was 1st place over all for the season. So proud of him and his school. I am very thankful that Jill went above and beyond so that I could be there to see my son and his team in all their glory. Thank you Jill

    Kim Davis, RN PACU

  • Jeremy Sehloff

    Jeremy went above and beyond helping Women’s Health to find our speculum light that was accidently thrown out in the garbage. Jeremy came over to our clinic on Michigan Ave. 2/14/2020 and was outside in frigid weather conditions looking through our garbage to find our light. He did successfully find our light and brought it to us with a smile on his face. We were very appreciative that he took time out of his day to do this for our clinic. A BIG thank you to Jeremy!

    Kay Bauer

  • Catherine Livingston

    Catherine worked tireless to ensure excellent patient care at the Urology Clinic. Earlier this week, an LPN was ill and Catherine eagerly stepped in to fill the need. She staffed the Urology Clinic solo that day. Meanwhile, she was also schedule to staff the Wound Clinic where she was actually scheduled. She juggled both responsibilities with grace responding to patient needs. Catherine saved the day!

    Tara Huck

  • Jonathan Benzing

    Jonathan goes above and beyond for not only his patients but also his co workers and the various departments he works in. Jonathan is willing to switch his schedule, go to a different department, train staff, and move from one building to the next without a complaint. He is always looking to make processes and tasks easier for his peers. He always has a smile and a compliment for his patients and peers each day. He gets along with many and always makes those around him feel comfortable.

    Vicki Schiesl-Petska

  • Jane Pankratz

    Jane is always willing to lend a hand in PACU to help with patient cares and repositioning. at times we can’t spare a 2nd hand to help but Jane will lend a hand to help promote patient comfort and safety.

    Keri Wydner Krause

  • jodi jalbert

    Jodi is always willing to help out the PACU staff with patient cares and repositioning when she comes to obtain xrays. if we need help to make the patent comfortable and safe she is ready to lend a hand.

    Keri Wydner Krause

  • Kassie Decker

    Kassie is always willing to help out the PACU staff with cares when coming to take xrays. when we need an extra hand to reposition a patient or provide some cares, she is willing to help us out to promote patient comfort and safety.

    Keri Wydner Krause

  • kelly schleis

    when coming to take patient xrays in PACU Kelly is always willing to help with patient cares and repositioning. sometimes with the few staff in the pacu we need an extra hand and Kelly is always willing to provide it for the comfort and safety of our patients

    Keri Wydner Krause

  • Devin Mittnacht

    devin from x-ray always has a smile on his face, remains polite to both staff and patients at all times. seems to go above and beyond helping out in the ED, in both times of need and no need. in times of need devin has assisted with boosts, cleaning beds, and assisting staff with any tasks he feels comfortable handling within his scope of practice. we appreciate him and enjoy working with him

    Melissa Hall

  • Laura Stuebs

    On 2/6/20 we were extremely busy in walk-in and several people all need care urgently. I sparked Laura if she would be able to schedule a CT scan. She very willingly said “yes” and immediately scheduled the test. She didn’t even complain when she had to reschedule it as it had to be done same day. Whenever we get busy in walk-in, I spark her and she is over immediately to take 1-2 patients to be seen by Naly.

    Gloria Thom

  • Cassie Clarksen

    Cassie willingly helped out Primary Care when they were short staffed. She is a team-player and helps within HFM where needed.

    Megan Gospodarek

  • Sara Jetton

    Sara helped out a friend who had special healthcare needs late in the evening on the weekend. She helped get the patient what she needed bringing comfort to the patient and her family. Sara did this at the end of an already long day of work and she helped without hesitation. She was caring, compassionate, comforting, and very professional. Thank you for treating me as the middle man nicely but most importantly, thank you for how you treated the patient and the family. It was fantastic.

    Deb Holschbach

  • Marcy Marcheske

    Marcy is a wonderful co-worker. She is kind and compassionate to all she meets. Marcy goes above and beyond in all her responsibilities. I am thankful to have her as part of the Leadership team here at HFM.

    Amy John

  • Eric Vang

    Eric is ALWAYS so kind! He is willing to help and always does with a smile. I thank Eric for always listening and helping with any project or issue that comes his way! Way to go Eric!

    Amy John

  • Julie Tittl

    Julie is always willing to assist me on my Cerner adventures. I truly value Julie as a reference in all things Cerner. Thank you Julie for going above and beyond!

    Amy John

  • Ellen Rosik

    Ellen went above and beyond and helped identify a significant illness for a patient of mine. On the morning of Friday, January 24th, she was drawing my patient’s routine pre-appointment labs and noted that the blood appeared “thin”. She appropriately inquired about adding a CBC which I agreed to. Thank goodness she did. The patient was then noted to be significantly anemic and hypercalcemic. Thanks to Ellen’s keen assessment skills, I was able to call the patient and inquire about how she was feeling, which wasn’t good. I then got the patient in for an appointment and subsequently admitted her to the hospital. While there, she was ultimately diagnosed with a malignancy. Had Ellen not had the foresight to come and request the CBC be added, this patient’s outcome may have been significantly altered, for the worse. I, as a provider, am extremely grateful to know that I have phenomenal staff looking out for the best interest of my patients.

    Veronica McFarlane

  • Mark Vignali, Quentin Tesarik, Scott Kohlmann

    Thank you all so much for looking into the PACS connectivity issues and interface issues this weekend. After finding out you were not on call, you were all still very willing to help, look into, and resolve the issues when possible. You also stayed on top of the issues until they were resolved. I really appreciated the help!

    Megan Cummings

  • Sandy Swetlik

    Sandy is an exemplary laboratory staff member, a boon to holy family and a genuine joy to be around. There have been many times this past year I could not have gotten through my shift if she weren’t there to support both the laboratory and the rest of the Holy Family Memorial. She is caring, kind, and always looks out for others.

    Jacob Moss

  • Holy Family Pharmacy Staff

    I would like to recognize the outstanding staff of our Harbor Town Pharmacy. They go above and beyond to help our patients obtain prescriptions at an affordable cost, get coupon savings etc.. They are always pleasant to speak with and helpful to providers.
    They are working hard with our diabetic patients trying to get them to goal.

    Sorry I am not sure who the manager is.

    Kelly Eells

  • Renee Kutchera

    Renee continues to evolve in her role as an integration architect (IA) for CareTech solutions and we are lucky to have her! She is professional in her many interactions with both HFM and Cerner staff. Renee has proven to be a valuable member of the Clinical Informatics Council and helps to educate the group on Cerner functionality. As I have taken the time to know her better, I value her integrity and appreciate the processes she owns to make her team successful. Cheers to you Renee!

    Jill Rauber

  • Cindy Felde

    There was a day, January 11, 2020, that a complete linen order wasn’t received and we had to launder some hand towels, in the Wellness Center. By the time it was noticed that this needed to be done, we had to collect used towels. Locker room towels had been bagged and put in carts already. Cindy volunteered to go through bags of dirty linen to gather enough towels to launder, and started the washing process. She did this on a Saturday morning after teaching cycling class. She offered so that I would be able to stay positioned at the Member Services Desk. Her efforts insured that members would have what they needed, both towels and a staff member to greet them and assist them. Cindy demonstrated great team work, as she cares for the Wellness Center, our members, and her co-workers. I feel that what Cindy did was above what most may expect. Her act of teamwork is what we come to expect in the Wellness Center. She often takes the time to do things that might go unnoticed and are certainly not glamorous. Things like cleaning out lost and found or a refrigerator. I appreciate Cindy and she certainly deserves a Cheers for digging though dirty linen!!!

    LeeRae Groth

  • Tate Waege

    Tate took time to find the cheapest option for my prescription. Discussed several options & asked what was best for me. Communicated with my physician to keep her in the loop. Amazing example of going above & beyond. Saved me several hundred dollars between my prescription & my husbands prescription. So very much appreciative of his assistance.

    Andrea Honkanen

  • keri wydner-krause and cathy mcdaniel

    We had a co-worker whose brother passed away rather unexpectedly. Within 15 minutes of texting, her 3 day call weekend was covered as everyone stepped up to make it happen so she could be off with her family. I work with the best, smartest and most adaptable bunch of co-workers around. They don’t whine, they just take care of what needs to be done. They epitomize what above and beyond is all about at HFM.

    Jill Katz

  • Michele Warpinski

    Helping out with miscommunication during a callback! Made my time at the hospital much shorter during the middle of the night and was very helpful with making phone calls and clearing orders up from the doctors.

    Sydnee Steimle

  • Mary Stuewe

    Tight and short on staff, flu and illness, nothing stops this lady from showing up, even on her days off to help train me! She’s patient and kind, and makes learning easier. She also is a stellar citizen, as I watched her re park her vehicle one day when she felt she didn’t give the person next to her ample room to get in their door. Where ever kindness counts, Mary steps up every time! I’m very fortunate to be working with such a great lady.

    Kymberly Meredith

  • Lee Dvorak

    Lee made me one of the best sandwiches I ever had today. Besides his generosity, his sense of humor and patient skills make each day enjoyable.

    Bryce Hrudka

  • Carla Christian

    Carla helped me out on a day off, actually coming into work, to help when I was super busy assisting with a trauma patient/transfer. Earlier in the day she answered a phone call for advice and again, provided not only support but fantastic support when I got really busy in the ED. It was so amazing to have that kind of support! Thank you!

    Deb Holschbach