• Cindy Felde

    There was a day, January 11, 2020, that a complete linen order wasn’t received and we had to launder some hand towels, in the Wellness Center. By the time it was noticed that this needed to be done, we had to collect used towels. Locker room towels had been bagged and put in carts already. Cindy volunteered to go through bags of dirty linen to gather enough towels to launder, and started the washing process. She did this on a Saturday morning after teaching cycling class. She offered so that I would be able to stay positioned at the Member Services Desk. Her efforts insured that members would have what they needed, both towels and a staff member to greet them and assist them. Cindy demonstrated great team work, as she cares for the Wellness Center, our members, and her co-workers. I feel that what Cindy did was above what most may expect. Her act of teamwork is what we come to expect in the Wellness Center. She often takes the time to do things that might go unnoticed and are certainly not glamorous. Things like cleaning out lost and found or a refrigerator. I appreciate Cindy and she certainly deserves a Cheers for digging though dirty linen!!!

    LeeRae Groth

  • Tate Waege

    Tate took time to find the cheapest option for my prescription. Discussed several options & asked what was best for me. Communicated with my physician to keep her in the loop. Amazing example of going above & beyond. Saved me several hundred dollars between my prescription & my husbands prescription. So very much appreciative of his assistance.

    Andrea Honkanen

  • keri wydner-krause and cathy mcdaniel

    We had a co-worker whose brother passed away rather unexpectedly. Within 15 minutes of texting, her 3 day call weekend was covered as everyone stepped up to make it happen so she could be off with her family. I work with the best, smartest and most adaptable bunch of co-workers around. They don’t whine, they just take care of what needs to be done. They epitomize what above and beyond is all about at HFM.

    Jill Katz

  • Michele Warpinski

    Helping out with miscommunication during a callback! Made my time at the hospital much shorter during the middle of the night and was very helpful with making phone calls and clearing orders up from the doctors.

    Sydnee Steimle

  • Mary Stuewe

    Tight and short on staff, flu and illness, nothing stops this lady from showing up, even on her days off to help train me! She’s patient and kind, and makes learning easier. She also is a stellar citizen, as I watched her re park her vehicle one day when she felt she didn’t give the person next to her ample room to get in their door. Where ever kindness counts, Mary steps up every time! I’m very fortunate to be working with such a great lady.

    Kymberly Meredith

  • Lee Dvorak

    Lee made me one of the best sandwiches I ever had today. Besides his generosity, his sense of humor and patient skills make each day enjoyable.

    Bryce Hrudka

  • Carla Christian

    Carla helped me out on a day off, actually coming into work, to help when I was super busy assisting with a trauma patient/transfer. Earlier in the day she answered a phone call for advice and again, provided not only support but fantastic support when I got really busy in the ED. It was so amazing to have that kind of support! Thank you!

    Deb Holschbach