Request a donation from Holy Family Memorial

The HFM Donations Committee meets every other month on the 4th Thursday to review all submitted requests, so please consider this based on your event and/or when you are requesting the donation. Thank you.

To complete a donation request, you will need to provide the following information:

Information about the requesting organization

  • Organization's Name
  • Organization's Address
  • Organization's Phone Number
  • Organization's Email Address

Information about the person submitting the request on behalf of the organization

  • Submitter's Title
  • Submitter's Name
  • Submitter's Email

The following details about the organization and donation requested:

  • Summary of the organization requesting the donation.
  • Specific dollar amount requested.
  • Description of the organization's program/service the donation will be used for.
  • Description of how will the donation be used to further develop the organization.
  • Description of how outcomes/results will be measured.
  • Information about other sources of the organization's funding.
  • Details about the organization's unrestricted net revenue.
  • Information about other organizations that the requesting organization collaborates with.