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  • Employee Burnout: Impact and Solution February 15, 2019- In 2018, Gallup conducted a study that was published by CNBC stating that 23 percent of full-time employees report they very often or always feel burned out. This burnout accounts for $125 billion to $190 billion in healthcare spending. The increase in healthcare spending is attributed to an increase in diabetes, heart disease, increased weight,… Continue Reading
  • Why do I work at the HFM Cancer Center? February 1, 2019- I've been with HFM for more than 32 years and have worked in the HFM Cancer Center for nearly two years. Why did I make the change? I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. I see amazing things happening every day at the HFM Cancer Center—both wonderful and sad. Many of our patients… Continue Reading
  • Snow shoveling techniques to prevent lower back injuries. January 22, 2019- Winter is finally here in Northeast Wisconsin and that means snow shoveling! Most people don’t prepare themselves physically for the rigors of this activity. That can be a painful mistake for our muscles, joints and our heart. We should look at snow removal as physical exercise and use the same concepts to get our bodies… Continue Reading
  • A Community without Healthcare January 18, 2019- Nearly 120 years ago, Manitowoc was a growing region with three successful shipbuilding companies, and local business and government leaders asked the Franciscan Sisters to sponsor a hospital. Citizens collected money from private sources, and while far short on needed funding, the hospital was built based on deep trust in God and a mission to… Continue Reading
  • The Engaged Digital Healthcare Consumer December 17, 2018- The healthcare landscape today is evolving rapidly, including how patients shop for healthcare and services. Embracing digital tools which allow patients to change how they manage their healthcare is vital. In the end, the traditional relationships between patients and healthcare delivery networks or providers is changing at the direction of the engaged digital healthcare consumer.… Continue Reading
  • Healthy Holiday Eating Tips November 27, 2018- We all have our favorite holiday foods or drinks—green bean casserole, eggnog, prime rib and of course Grandma’s Christmas cookies. When it comes to eating healthy, this time of the year can be a challenge. But it is possible! First, consider setting yourself up for success. What I mean by that is when you know… Continue Reading
  • Importance and Uncertainty of Community Healthcare November 16, 2018- We can all agree healthcare is complex, yet needed to serve people in all communities. This becomes increasingly difficult given the myriad healthcare networks merging or being acquired. What can be done to ensure healthcare stays in our community? This is an important question for all to discern – more so based on uncertainty with… Continue Reading
  • October is Audiology Awareness Month October 18, 2018- More than 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. While this condition is often viewed as an inevitable part of aging, over half of all patients are otherwise healthy adults under the age of 65. Regular hearing screenings are an invaluable tool in identifying problems early and taking steps to prevent further hearing damage before… Continue Reading