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  • Achieving an Amazing Patient Experience September 13, 2018 - Quality and cost are commonly discussed as key decision factors when choosing a healthcare network; although it may be patient experience which is the ultimate factor. Cost is based on your insurance plan, while quality is generally expected, leaving patient experience. Patient experience is similar to customer service at a restaurant, hotel or anywhere else Continue Reading
  • Population Health August 20, 2018 - In recent years, greater emphasis has been placed on population health by both health care networks and insurance companies. Years ago, patients would see their healthcare provider to treat a specific injury, illness or chronic disease (i.e. diabetes, asthma, or heart disease). Now, a greater emphasis is being placed on improving or keeping the population Continue Reading
  • How to Prevent Skin Tears August 3, 2018 - As we get older, our skin becomes paper thin and is more fragile. A minor injury like bumping into furniture or even removing a band-aid can cause a significant skin tear. Skin tears are commonly seen on the arms, hands, and legs. They occur when the outer layer of the skin breaks or tears from Continue Reading
  • Who to see for primary care? July 16, 2018 - For most, healthcare is a relationship with a primary care provider. This is typically a patient’s main contact point for annual physicals and most other healthcare concerns. Yet, healthcare is changing. I remember having the same physician as my pediatrician, primary care, and virtually everything else growing up. He gave me vaccinations as a child Continue Reading
  • Hearing Loss: Separating Fact from Fiction July 9, 2018 - Hearing loss is a condition that affects 48 million Americans. There are several misconceptions surrounding hearing loss, like that it only happens to people over the age of 70, that are untrue. It is important to distinguish the myths from the truth, as hearing health greatly impacts overall health conditions such as balance, cognitive health, Continue Reading
  • Value-Based Payments in Healthcare June 15, 2018 - As a patient, understanding and paying healthcare bills can be challenging and confusing. It is also challenging and confusing how healthcare delivery networks get paid. Healthcare networks and insurance carriers are working toward more processes based on the quality of care delivered. The process of getting paid is ever changing, moving from Fee-For-Service (payment for Continue Reading
  • Dry Needling: What You Should Know June 8, 2018 - Have you heard of dry needling? It is one of the hottest topics in physical therapy practice right now! It is trending on social media, the news, in physical therapy clinical advertisements, and is now offered at Holy Family Memorial! As a physical therapist who has been practicing dry needling for three years, I believe Continue Reading
  • Nutrition for managing blood pressure May 24, 2018 - May is National Blood Pressure Education month. The foods that we eat can play an important role in managing blood pressure. The tips below are helpful for anyone to both manage high blood pressure or to keep your blood pressure in a healthy range as a proactive approach. You may have heard of the DASH Continue Reading