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Community Commitment

Holy Family Memorial is fully committed to building a better community by providing quality healthcare, and partnering with others to create a vibrant community with economic stability, safe family environment, solid education and cultural activities.

2016 Community Benefit Report

Our 2016 Community Benefit Report is guided by our 2014-2016 Community Health Needs Assessment/Implementation Strategy. This annual report provides updates on our community benefits implementation strategy in 2016.

Community Partners

Our community partnerships include: 

Meeting Community Needs

In order to better align our services to community health needs, Holy Family Memorial has conducted community health needs assessments since its earliest beginnings in Manitowoc County. Through attentive and collaborative engagement with customers, social and civic agency partners, government and organizations of concerned citizens, Holy Family Memorial has consistently endeavored to identify and meet community needs.

Download the 2017 – 2019 Community Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy


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Appendix Links

  1. Manitowoc County 2016 Health Data Report; Source: Urban Center for Population Studies.
  2. Manitowoc County Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2014-2015.
  3. Manitowoc County Key Stakeholder Interview Summary.
  4. Manitowoc County Health Assessment Findings Dashboard.
  5. Manitowoc County Community Health Survey Results.
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