Planned Giving

A planned gift to Holy Family Memorial can meet your individual needs, protect your investment, generate a high rate of income, and provide tax benefits. Let’s plan together.

You have goals, such as security, secure income, and making a lasting difference. Holy Family Memorial has goals, too, to offer programs and services that insure world-class health care for our community. Become a Franciscan Society member with others by making a planned gift today.

Ways to donate:

  • Gift annuities
  • Charitable trusts
  • IRA distribution rollovers
  • Appreciated assets
  • Simple bequests

The Franciscan Society

The Franciscan Society recognizes those individuals who have generously remembered Holy Family Memorial with a planned gift.

In addition to having your name prominently displayed on our recognition wall, there are other good reasons for becoming a Franciscan Society member:

  • Annual HFM donor recognition event
  • Free educational seminars
  • Gratitude of the entire HFM team and our sponsor, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A planned gift is a form of charitable giving which allows the donor to give a substantial gift in the future, rather than using current income.

    A planned gift can come in many different forms:

      Life insurance
      Charitable trusts
      Charitable gift annuities
      Outright major cash gift
  • Your planned gift can go toward whatever you’d like it to. HFM has many areas where a gift would be useful. You may choose one of the following areas to designate your gift, or name one of your own. It is your gift…your choice!


    HFM areas of need include:

      Cancer Center
      Heart and Vascular Center
      Heritage Garden
      Community Care
      Community health initiatives
      Providence Fund
      Samaritan Endowment Fund
      Where needed most
  • For many people, the main reason for giving a planned, or deferred gift is simple.

    After initiating the gift there is hardly, if any, monetary output. Most planned gifts will not disturb current income or assets and have tax advantages. Some gifts can also supply income to the donor. People who have given planned gifts have also said they like the idea of leaving a legacy in their name to their favorite charitable organization.

    Many planned giving vehicles are revocable. The giver has comfort in the fact that they are not legally bound to a substantial gift if their financial needs were to change in the future due to health or family obligations. On the other hand, it is a good feeling to know that after they are gone, these funds will help ensure that quality health care will still be available.