FAQs for Employees & Family Members

Will my employer find out I’ve been to the EAP? Is this confidential?

Your EAP visits are confidential; however, there are a few exceptions to confidentiality that include the following:

  • Reporting suspected child abuse or neglect
  • Reporting if there is an imminent danger to client or others
  • Reporting information required by court subpoena
  • With written permission from client to another party

Where are you physically located?

1520 S. 41st Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220

Who can use the program?

All employees and family members living in the home, to incldue partners, spouses, children and step-children up to the age of 26 years old, can access EAP.

What is the cost?

These services are offered as a benefit by your employer at no charge.

What if my problem isn’t resolved after the EAP sessions are used?

If you have used your EAP sessions and your issue is not resolved, then a referral will be given to a community-based agency. EAP is available to help you determine if the cost of treatment is covered by your health insurance plan.

How does EAP work?

Our Employee Assistance Program provides professional staff to confidentially address issues which concern you and/or your family members. Call to schedule an appointment, during which time the following services will be provided:

  • An assessment and plan of action
  • Short-term problem resolution
  • Referral if necessary
  • Follow-up and case management services

What problems or issues can I use EAP for?


  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Smoking
  • Weight management
  • Chronic illness

Family Issues

  • Death of a friend or family member
  • Pregnancy
  • Marital/relationship problems
  • Parent-child conflicts

Job Concerns

  • Performance issues
  • Conflict
  • Retirement
  • Career decisions

Do you prescribe medication?

No. We can help you find a prescriber if medication is needed.