HFM Heart & Soul Inspired Leadership™ Program Application

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A Heart & Soul Inspired Leader is any individual regardless of age, role, or title who embraces his/her personal gifts, strengths, and passions to positively impact others and change the world. This definition is important because anyone can be a Heart & Soul Inspired leader, which is exactly what HFM needs to achieve our Ideal Culture and a fantastic Patient Experience.

Please complete this application to be considered for the Heart & Soul Inspired Leadership™ program.

6. Reference *
Please identify one reference and ask them to e-mail a reference letter regarding why this program would be beneficial for you to be a part of. Reference can be someone who works for HFM or someone outside of HFM; however, it cannot be a family member.

Please ensure your reference e-mails their letter within five business days to Deb Gillen at dgillen@hfmhealth.org, a member of the HFM Heart & Soul Inspired Leadership™ committee.

Thank you.

HFM Heart & Soul Inspired Leadership™ Program Committee

  • David Yeghiaian
  • Vanessa Penkala
  • Deb Gillen
  • Jill Rauber
  • Brian Graf
  • Jessica Hodkiewicz
  • Krystal Sheehy

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