Clinical Students

Welcome to Holy Family Memorial

We are happy you are here and are proud to be a part of your learning experience.

Prior to placement of clinical students in our network, the following must be completed:

Step One:

A request for clinical placement is made by school coordinator/advisor to HFM’s Human Resource Dept. and approved prior to student experience start date. (A contract must be in place with HFM and the school).

Step Two:

HFM Student Verification Form is completed by school and student and returned to HFM’s Human Resource Department (Includes health requirements and background checks.)

Download Form

Step Three:

Student submits Confidentiality Agreement / Orientation Completion Verification – found at the end of the modules – to HFM’s Human Resource Dept.



  • Wear your student badge and dress accordingly.
  • While working at HFM, please adhere to dress codes and always wear a badge that identifies you.
  • Please return any HFM issued badges to the Human Resource Department or you may be charged a replacement fee.
  • Remember to keep patients at the center of your experience and practice safety.
  • Ask questions if you are not familiar with something.

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