HFM Move Manitowoc County

We regret to inform you that due to the continuing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the 2020 HFM Move Manitowoc program scheduled for May has been cancelled.

When we emerge from this crisis–and we will–HFM will evaluate rescheduling.

Thank you for your understanding

In honor of May Global Health & Fitness Month, HFM is challenging all Manitowoc County organizations to Move Manitowoc. Each organization team donates $250 and then competes against each other to get the most steps. The winning team selects which Manitowoc County non-profit all proceeds get donated to.

Step up to the challenge.

  • Open to Manitowoc County organizations
  • Challenge dates: May 1-31
  • $250 donation to participate
  • Win money for your favorite non-profit

HFM Move Manitowoc County is hosted by Holy Family Memorial, Forsite Benefits & Wellness and Motion Connected. The challenge utilizes fitness devices (FitBit, Garmin, Apple) and is tracked through the Motion Connected software program. Once organizations sign up, employees can join your team. Forsite will help get your employees armed with fitness devices (if they need them) and activate a free Forsite Wellness account.

Participation Details

  • Competition is a step challenge running May 1-May 31, 2020.
  • Open to Manitowoc County organizations.
  • $250 donation required to enter the challenge. All funds will be donated to the winning team’s non-profit of choice in Manitowoc County.
  • Manitowoc County employers are encouraged to sign up their organization by April 17.
  • After signing up, employers will receive an email from Forsite with instructions on next steps: activation code for Motion Connected, an email to send employees to join team, and information about discounted devices.
  • Team members can join challenge after employer sign up is complete.
  • Each individual employee on the team will activate a Forsite Wellness account with a code.
  • Employees will link their Fitbit, Garmin or Apple devices to the portal.
  • Each team member must activate a Forsite Wellness account and link their device by May 1 to compete.
  • There must be a minimum of 7 participants per team in order to compete.

Official Rules

  • Participants must use Fitbit, Garmin or Apple devices to track their steps.
  • Competition is based on the average daily steps for each team to ensure different sized teams compete on an even playing field.
  • Daily steps are capped at 15,000 steps.
  • Teams can log in to the portal and view leaderboard standings throughout the competition.


  • There will be one winning team.
  • The team that achieves the highest, daily-average steps within the month of May wins.
  • All proceeds collected from the competition will be donated to the winner’s choice of non-profit (non-profit must align with HFM’s and sponsor’s mission and beliefs).

After Registration

Now that you have signed up your business, employees can join your team. These are the next steps that will prepare your team for the challenge in May.


Recruit team members

  • All teams must have a minimum of 7 members.
  • There is no maximum limit of team members.


Help your team get fitness tracker devices

  • Team members already armed with a Garmin, Fitbit or Apple device can use their current device.
  • Get exclusive discounts on devices via The Wellness Outlet store: www.thewellnessoutlet.com
  • Order devices early to become familiar with them and add them to the participant profile on the challenge platform.
  • iPhone users can download the Fitbit app’s MobileTrack feature as a no-cost option.


Onboard your team

  • Each team member must register on the challenge platform and link their device.