Medical Oncology

Medical oncologists treat the full spectrum of cancer diagnoses using chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, biologic response modifiers, targeted therapies and immunotherapy. Additional services provided with these treatments may include blood transfusions, hydration and nausea or pain management therapies.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncologists provide a full range of external beam radiation for all adult malignancies, some adolescent malignancies, and select benign conditions. Our radiation oncologists plan treatment designed to effectively treat hard-to-reach- and complex tumors by delivering precise, intense doses of radiation. Using image-guided radiation therapy technology, the radiation dose can target the tumor from all angles. This approach allows higher doses of radiation to reach the tumor while reducing radiation exposure to healthy tissues. Image guidance allows our physicians to accommodate changes in the body that may occur during treatment (such as tumor shrinkage) and still target the tumor effectively.


TomoTherapy® is a type of image-guided radiation therapy that attacks tumors with highly precise radiation delivered from 360 degrees around you — which increases the control doctors have in getting radiation dose where it needs to be and helps decrease the damage to surrounding healthy tissue and organs.

The TomoTherapy system is designed on a CT scanner foundation so each time you come in for treatment, CT imaging guides the treatment for your anatomy that day rather than the way it looked last week. Even the smallest changes are noticed. It can be adapted at any point to deliver treatment in the most effective way possible.

Surgical Services

Surgery is one of the primary methods used in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital has a comprehensive surgical department that is equipped to perform all types of cancer procedures, including minimally invasive surgeries.

Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry helps assess the impact of cancer within the community by recording survival and treatment information to meet the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer standard. All patient cases diagnosed and/or treated at Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital are followed yearly.

The Registry also provides information that assists in research.

Our Cancer Care Physicians