PAD or Peripheral Artery Disease, is a circulation disorder caused by plaque buildup in the arteries that supply blood throughout the body. More than eight million Americans are affected by PAD, and only one in five experience any symptoms.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

Common symptoms typically affect the legs and include:

  • Cramping in hips, thighs or calves after being on your feet.
  • Numbness or weakness in legs.
  • Change in color of skin.
  • Colder temperature of leg or feet.
  • Sores that won’t heal.

Controllable Risk Factors

While aging and personal or family medical history are uncontrollable risk factors, there are several controllable risk factors. By managing these controllable risk factors you can help reduce your chances of PAD.

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Physical inactivity
  • High blood cholesterol
  • High blood pressure

Holy Family Memorial’s Heart and Vascular Center is a leading specialist in PAD and offers world-class care and cutting-edge clinical trial treatment to qualifying patients.

Get a leg up on PAD before it leads to something more serious—like a heart attack or stroke.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. Get tested.

Our Cardiology Team