Proactive, preventative care is key for keeping your child healthy at any age and ensuring they’re ready for all that life has to offer. Annual well-child exams from kindergarten through high school give you a chance to raise any questions and concerns you or your child may have about your child’s development, behavior or general well-being.

Comprehensive Annual Well-Child Exams

  • Detect diseases
  • Ensure immunizations are kept up to date
  • Prevent injuries and future health problems
  • Promote wellness and nutrition
  • Track growth and development

We know your life is busy. So to make things a little easier, during their well-child exam, your child can simultaneously receive a sports physical, which may be required for school sports participation. Just let us know when you schedule a well-child exam appointment that your child also needs a sports physical.

Physical History Form

If your child is having a sports physical done, please download and complete the physical history form. Please call our clinic with any questions.

Download Physical History Form

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