HFM Prepare Clinic

Advancing Surgical Outcomes

Choosing to have surgery is an important decision. Once made, you want to ensure you understand the process and are prepared for the best outcome and a speedy recovery.

HFM Prepare Clinic helps you do just that.

HFM Prepare Clinic is part of the perioperative surgical home, a model of care that coordinates the steps of the surgical journey from decision through recovery. It advances surgical outcomes by preparing you for every step of your journey.

With the HFM perioperative surgical home, you have a full team working with you. It begins with your HFM primary care provider and includes your surgeon, anesthesiology providers, nurses, social workers, physical therapists and other caregivers you will work with along the way. We continue to support you through recovery. We make sure you understand what to expect after discharge from the hospital and what you need to do to stay healthy after recovery.

We encourage you to ask questions. The goal is to make sure you have every advantage and are prepared physically, mentally and spiritually for your surgery. When you are prepared, you experience the best outcomes. Many people experience faster healing and even less need for pain medication.