It has been over a year since I joined Wellness Center. My experience here has been a blessing in my life and for my family. Perhaps the most significant and rewarding part of these past months has been the welcoming and family-like atmosphere I have enjoyed. The other members and staff at the Wellness Center are kind, encouraging and treat others with the sort of zest for a sense of community hat is uncommon in an otherwise busy and self-absorbed world. It is truly a special place and I treasure the mornings that I get to spend here.

I started by sticking to myself and talking to nobody. Before long, I was recognized and included. Instructors personally invited me to join their fitness classes. Other members were complimentary and engaging to be around. I started to notice a difference. It wasn’t just the sore muscles starting to shape up or the weight on the scale sliding to the left. I felt better every time I left the building and I didn’t need the extra cup of coffee to get through the afternoon. I signed up for stand-up paddleboard races and 5k runs in the area. I have become more confident, healthier, and happier!

It has been hard to miss the physical transformation that 14 months at the Wellness Center has made for me. I can measure it in the 70+ pounds left on the scale in the locker room or in the number of clothes I have replaced because the old ones are too big. My wife and daughters can measure it in the smiles and hugs and general happiness that we have all enjoyed together. I have become convinced that happiness and health go hand in hand. It is the people at the Wellness Center that make the difference for me. Together, our community grows happier and healthier every day.