Holy Family Memorial is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for women through every life stage. Whether you are welcoming a baby, scheduling your first mammogram, approaching menopause, or just trying to maintain or improve your health and well-being, we provide support for all of your changing health needs.

While the specific type of health care you need may change as you go through different life stages, the need for professional, compassionate and specialized care doesn’t. The Women’s Health team includes physicians and nurses who are devoted to providing high-quality obstetrical and gynecological care.

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Preventive Care

Many people seek medical attention when they’re sick, but see no need to visit the doctor when they’re healthy. If you’re missing out on preventive care, you’re missing a key piece to managing your health. Annual preventive care visits can identify health concerns before they become major life events.

Even if you feel healthy and are in the best shape of your life, a serious condition with no signs or symptoms may be putting you at risk. Routine exams and screenings are the best ways to detect early warning signs of chronic disease.

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Pregnancy and Childbirth

The birth of a child is an exciting, joyous event. Let our experts lead you on the journey.

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Gynecological Care

We provide a full range of women’s health services; the right care, with the experts you trust.

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Our Partnership

Our partnership with the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network means that if needed, your local HFM provider can connect you with all the resources of eastern Wisconsin’s only academic health system, including access to advanced treatment options and clinical trials not widely available.

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