What is the risk for serious knee injury?

Each year in the United States, 1 in 100 female high school athletes will suffer a serious, season-ending injury. Alarmingly, the rate of knee ligament injuries in female athletes is 6 to10 times that of male athletes depending on the sport.
The risk of tearing the ACL is higher in sports involving cutting, jumping, landing, and pivoting.
The cost of an ACL injury per athlete, including reconstruction and rehabilitation, is approximately $17,000.

What is Sportsmetrics?

Sportsmetrics is a six-week jump training program that meets three times per week. Each session is approximately one and one-half hours and includes the following components:

Dynamic Warm-up: Prepares the body with functional based activities that use sport specific motions.
Plyometrics/Jump Training: Used to focus on correct jumping technique and are divided into three two-week phases. Each phase has a different training focus, and the exercises change accordingly.
Speed and Agility Training: Emphasizes body alignment and form while performing sprinting and cutting movements.
Strength Training: With emphasis on body alignment and form, this section focuses on development of core strength and improving overall muscular efficiency.
Flexibility Training: Stretching is essential to achieve maximum muscle length, allowing muscles to work with power through complete range of motion.
Pre- and Post-testing: Detects deficiencies and identifies athletes who may have an increased risk for serious knee injuries. Testing includes drop jump test, hop test, single-leg squat, vertical jump, and hamstring flexibility.
What can it do for me?
Performing maneuvers with sound mechanics decreases the likelihood of an injury and is essential to maximizing sport performance. A solid foundation of strength, coordination, and overall physical conditioning is required for athletes to attain their highest potential for sport-specific skills.

Train with Sportsmetrics to reduce your risk of injury and enhance competitive athletic performance.

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Sportsmetrics has been scientifically proven to:

Reduce the risk of serious knee injury
Increase vertical jump height
Improve take off and landing mechanics while jumping
Reduce side-to-side motion of the knee
Decrease the rate of re-injury for those athletes/individuals with a past history of knee injury and/or ACL reconstruction
Increase lower extremity strength, balance, and flexibility
Sportsmetrics Certified Instructors

Krystine Kroeplien​
Athletic Trainer
HFM Orthopaedics

Anna Mielke
Athletic Trainer
HFM Orthopaedics

Brady Schrauth
Athletic Trainer
HFM Orthopaedics

Maddie Schmitt
Personal Trainer
HFM Wellness Center

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