St. Vincent Cancer Collaborative

Holy Family Memorial and HSHS St. Vincent Hospital have a formed a partnership in cancer care to provide patients a direct link to a leading cancer research facility, access to additional cancer specialists, and advanced treatment options.

The partnership also allows the HFM Cancer Center to offer clinical trials to patients right here in our community. These research studies help doctors evaluate newer treatments to see if they are as effective or better than the current standard cancer care. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find better treatments and improve the health of cancer patients.

List of HFM Cancer Center’s Clinical Trials

Participation in Clinical Trials

Enrolling in a trial is completely voluntary, and patients who do not want to enroll will still receive the best care available.

Research offers individuals the opportunity to take part in clinical trials designed to find the best possible treatments and therapies for cancer. Research compares the best-known treatment with new treatments, which have a possibility of improving current outcomes.

Ask your doctor if you might qualify for a clinical trial. For more information on clinical trials and what you need to know, visit for more details.