Healthcare: $10 a Visit

All members of The Chamber of Manitowoc County, along with their employees and dependents* are eligible to utilize services at the Holy Family Memorial Health & Wellness Center servicing The Chamber of Manitowoc County Members.

The Center is a clinic offering health services for primary, urgent, and preventative care; as well as physical therapy, wellness coaching, and emotional health counseling. There is a small annual investment of $99 per person and a $10 access fee for each visit. It is located at HFM’s Harbor Town Campus, 1650 S. 41st Street in Manitowoc.

*Non-employee members of charitable organizations are not eligible for participation in the Health & Wellness Center, as well as any Medicare and Medicaid eligible individuals.


The Chamber of Manitowoc County offers this option to members because it is committed to providing them with opportunities to improve health and quality of life, and help reduce healthcare and related costs over time.

The center is open Monday – Friday with the following services.

Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant – $10 access fee

Primary and urgent care, chronic disease management, preventative care

Appointments only.

Physical Therapy – $10 access fee

Alleviates muscle or joint discomfort & back pain, offers strain/sprain assistance.

Appointments only.

Wellness Coach – $10 access fee

Provides coaching on overall wellness, nutrition, exercise and other healthcare factors.

Appointments only.

Emotional Health Counselor – $10 access fee

Assists in the identification and resolution of concerns such as health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, emotional, stress or other personal concerns.

Appointments only.

Clinic Access


If you would like to access this clinic, please talk to the person at your company who oversee benefits and express your interest to them. Some employers cover the $99 annual investment for employees and dependents, while others pay for employees only and dependents may be covered through employee payroll deduction.


Employers who are members of The Chamber of Manitowoc County can register their business for no charge, using our online enrollment form.

Once registered, they will receive a link to forward to their employees. Employees can then register themselves and dependents, and their completed registration is invoiced to their employer. HFM will create and send the Chamber member personalized “Membership Cards” for each individual who is registered. The Chamber member distributes these cards accordingly. The Membership Card must be presented at the time of visit with the $10 access fee.

If you have questions, please contact Randy at