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At Holy Family Memorial, our focus is clear. We’re committed to providing innovative, patient-centered care with nationally recognized quality to help our community achieve healthier lives. Along with individual patient care, we specialize in customized health and wellness solutions for businesses through our HFM Work Health Options Employer Health & Wellness Services. Our leading-edge services surpass typical health and wellness programs and are tailored to fit the specific needs of your business.

Work Health Options joins Froedtert & MCW Workforce Health

We are excited to announce that Holy Family Memorial Work Health Options is joining Froedtert & MCW Workforce Health. By April 2022, organizations in Manitowoc will have access to occupational health services across the entire Froedtert & MCW and Holy Family Memorial health network.

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Right Care. Right Setting. Right Outcomes®.

We call it our “Right Care” approach. HFM Work Health Options goes beyond simple employer health and wellness solutions. Our model, standard and quality of care are all rooted in expertise garnered from a long-term commitment to delivering innovative, effective services.

Whatever the health and wellness needs are for your business, HFM Work Health Options and Froedtert & MCW Workforce Health deliver the right outcomes and results sure to exceed your expectations. Get world-class health and wellness services from your dedicated hometown team at HFM.

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HFM Work Health Options Health & Wellness Clinic

The tools you need to experience a healthier workforce, increased productivity and lower healthcare expenses.

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HFM Work Health Options Preventive Care & Wellness

Our proven programs boost your bottom line while improving your employees’ lives.

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HFM Work Health Options Occupational Health

Help control work-related healthcare spending, decrease lost work time and facilitate continuity of care when needed.

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HFM Work Health Options Employee Assistance Program

The emotional health and well-being of your employees is one of your greatest assets.

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Additional HFM Work Health Options Employer Services

Even more options to make your health and wellness program exactly what your business needs.

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Guaranteed Savings

We’re so confident in our HFM Work Health Options employer services, we guarantee savings. That’s a promise you can take to the bank.

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Don’t wait another day to explore your options. If you’re ready to learn more about improving the health of your employee population while boosting your bottom line, contact our HFM Work Health Options team today for more information on a customized health and wellness program for your business. We’re here and ready to learn about your unique needs so we can tailor a plan that makes the most sense for you.

Real Insight. What Employers Say About HFM Work Health Options.

Real businesses. Real results. What are you waiting for?

What better way to learn about HFM Work Health Options than by hearing directly from real area businesses utilizing our services? Learn about the positive impact just a few of our customers have experienced through HFM Work Health Options.

Eggers Industries—$750,000 saved in healthcare expenses. Read the case study.

Holy Family Memorial—practicing what we preach and saving $600,000 in the process. Read the case study.

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