Navigating Worker’s Compensation can be tricky. Our Nurse Navigator will ensure you get the help and resources you need.

A worker’s compensation injury or claim can be an overwhelming experience. Knowing who to see, how to get the appropriate authorizations to return to work, and struggling through insurance paperwork can weigh you down more than the injury itself. That’s why we have a worker’s compensation Nurse Navigator to help you.

Our Nurse Navigator is a board certified occupational health nurse with 25 years of experience in occupational nursing and worker’s compensation case management. She will help with the following:

  • Proactive notification/communication of worker’s compensation injuries to employers and worker’s compensation carriers
  • Scanned/faxed medical reports and return to work records to employer representatives and worker’s compensation carriers
  • Addresses questions, issues or comments from HFM providers, employers and worker’s compensation carriers for case management for cases
  • Schedules follow up appointments
  • Notifies HFM Centralized Billing of worker’s compensation carrier information, helping to make certain the right people pay the right bills