HFM installs temperature screening kiosks.

Holy Family Memorial is among one of the first businesses in Manitowoc County to install contactless temperature screening kiosks on its campuses as part of its ongoing commitment to protect patients, visitors and employees from the COVID-19 virus.

Temperature checks for patients, staff and visitors have been part of HFM’s screening process since the COVID-19 pandemic began. For the past few months, HFM has used in-person screeners to perform temperature checks at the main entrance at each of its facilities. The kiosks have been installed at the HFM Medical Center and HFM Harbor Town Campus and allow the temperature screening process to be touchless and faster for patients and employees.

When a person walks up to a temperature screening kiosk, it measures their temperature within a few seconds, and indicates whether they have a fever. It also serves as a visible reminder of the importance of vigilance with COVID-19.

“The goal of this technology is to provide the safest possible care and environment for our patients, visitors and employees,” says Tom Veeser, Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Quality at Holy Family Memorial.