Community Benefits Report

This annual report contains the quantifiable financial resources that Holy Family Memorial, Inc. contributed to the citizens of Manitowoc County during the 2022 fiscal year.

The constant commitment of America’s Catholic and other not-for-profit health care organizations in meeting the identified health needs of their communities, especially the needs of those who are most vulnerable, are defined as community benefit programs if they meet the standard reporting criteria developed by the Catholic Health Association (CHA) of the United States, founded in 1915, VHA, founded in 1997, and the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.

2022 Community Benefit Report

Mission Integration and Outcomes Report

This annual report articulates initiatives and activities that uphold and promote Holy Family Memorial’s mission, vision and values; the Catholic moral and social justice tradition, and the mission and ministry of our Sponsor, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

2023 Mission Integration and Outcomes Report

Community Health Needs Assessment

Every three years, Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital in partnerships with other local health systems and the health department in Manitowoc County align resources to complete a shared community health needs assessment (CHNA). A CHNA is a tool to identify significant community health needs and issues through a robust data collection and analysis process. State, county and community data is collected through community health surveys, key stakeholder interviews, focus groups, a compiling of secondary source data and internal hospital data. This CHNA serves as the foundation for the Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital implementation strategy to improve health outcomes and reduce disparities.

Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital Community Engagement

Report to the Community (2022)

The Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network advances the health of the diverse communities we serve through our passion for and commitment to caring for our communities. As the only state-based health system in southeast Wisconsin, our mission continues to be focused on becoming and being the trusted leader in the communities we serve through employment, engagement and, of course improving health. View report in new window.