If you are thinking about quitting tobacco use, have tried to quit before but struggled, or have personal reasons for quitting, HFM’s tobacco cessation 1:1 meetings may be for you. It may be tough to quit, but if you are ready to, these meetings offer the resources to help!

What will I get from these 1:1 meetings?

  • Learn about medications and replacement therapies available
  • Receive weekly support
  • Discover your motivators to stop smoking
  • Create a plan for successful cessation
  • Gather tools and acquire skills to make lifestyle changes
  • Gain an understanding about health improvements and tips for taking care of yourself
  • Adapt to living without tobacco

Class Details

  • HFM Harbor Town Campus
  • 1:1 meetings once a week for 4 weeks
  • 30-45 minute meetings
  • $100 per session*

*Contact your insurance company about smoking cessation coverage. Ask your provider for a referral, or refer yourself.

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