Memory Clinic offers help for patients and families experiencing the difficulties of memory loss, confusion surrounding daily life, new verbal problems, changes in mood or personality, and problem-solving difficulties that occur with aging.

When to seek help

Memory changes are common as adults age, including forgetfulness. There are times when the memory changes are due to medical problems that may be reversible or can be an indicator of a more serious diagnosis. We recommend visiting the HFM Reed Avenue Clinic if the following are occurring:

  • Disruptions in daily life due to memory loss
  • Finding familiar tasks difficult to complete
  • Speech, writing, or repeating words suddenly occur
  • Hiding or misplacing things
  • Pulling away from activities
  • Mood or personality changes
  • Planning or problem-solving challenges

The benefits of a memory evaluation

A reliable memory evaluation is important if you are worried about a loved one’s or your memory. Memory evaluations may rule out memory problems or serious medical problems. The following are some of the critical reasons determining if findings dementia are present:

  • Treatment or reversal of symptoms
  • Starting certain treatments early leads to better effectiveness
  • Other issues can be avoided with better understanding of changes
  • A diagnosis helps in finding the correct support services, education, and will guide in making informed decisions and plans for the future

Contact your primary care physician or clinician for referral.