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  • Color, Color, Color! Take Advantage of the Food Rainbow July 26, 2021 Posted in: Functional Medicine - Summer is finally here! And filled with sunshine, warmth, colorful flowers and abundant fresh fruits and vegetables. This time of year is full of activity outside and in the kitchen. We can take advantage of the rainbow of colors provided by these foods to boost our nutritional status. Phytonutrients are “good chemicals” found in these… Continue Reading
  • Allergy Immune April 2021 April 19, 2021 Posted in: Blog, Functional Medicine - Most of us who live along the lakeshore are excited by the prospect of springtime warmth and the seasonal changes that come with it. Many people with allergies struggle with these changes as their body reacts and adapts to them. Our body has an amazing immune system that protects us from things in our environment… Continue Reading