A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is reduced or blocked, causing parts of the brain to become damaged or die. This is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention.

Some patients who experience ischemic strokes — caused by a blood clot — can now be treated at Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital with clot-busting medications called thrombolytics.

Other patients, including those who need a special surgical procedure to remove the clot and those whose strokes are caused by a brain bleed, will be transferred via ambulance to a stroke center.

Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital Emergency Services

Remember BE FAST

  • Balance. Sudden loss of coordination or balance.
  • Eyes. Sudden change in vision.
  • Face. Weakness on one side or facial droop.
  • Arm or leg. Weakness or numbness.
  • Speech difficulty. Slurred or trouble understanding speech.
  • Terrible headache. Sudden onset.

If you have sudden onset of any of these symptoms, call 911 right away!

Telestroke Program

A new telestroke program at Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital in Manitowoc means more local patients can receive treatment close to home.

Historically, Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital was limited to treating patients with minor neurological symptoms. Many patients who came to the Manitowoc hospital with stroke symptoms needed to be sent to a hospital out of the area with specialized stroke care.

Now, thanks to a telestroke program that debuted in February, patients at Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital can be assessed by video 24/7/365.

The telestroke program allows our doctors to connect with a neurologist who will see and talk with the patient, assist with a diagnosis and confer on treatment. This reduces the number of patients who must travel for their initial diagnosis and appropriate care. Friends and family members can more easily visit patients as they recover, providing much-needed support and encouragement.

The Froedtert & MCW health network provided training for the Manitowoc hospital medical staff, ensuring they are using the same terminology and standards as their Milwaukee-area counterparts. Medical professionals in Manitowoc can now access cutting-edge information that allows the best diagnosis and treatment.