How healthy life screens saved a life.

For Joe Matthias, the screening he received became a true life saver.

A little over a year ago, Carol Matthias was chatting with a good friend and neighbor, who also happens to be a physician, on their property lines just outside of Manitowoc. They got on the topic of heart health, and he suggested that she and her husband, Joe, go to Holy Family Memorial to take advantage of unique, preventive tests called HFM Healthy Life Screens. He explained they’re affordable screenings you can take at any time to help monitor your heart health and find out if you’re at risk of a heart attack or other types of heart disease.

“My neighbor’s suggestion didn’t just come out of the blue,” Joe explained. “He knows I come from a family with a history of heart disease. My mother and two of my brothers died from heart attacks, and another brother had a heart attack as well, but was lucky enough to get to HFM’s Cardiac Cath Lab to be successfully treated.”

After doing some research on the types of HFM Healthy Life Screens available, Carol and Joe decided to go ahead with the screen called Cardiac Calcium Scoring. This screening analyzes the calcium deposits in the arteries of your heart which correlates with your future risk of heart disease. Like all HFM Healthy Life Screens, it’s offered onsite right at HFM Medical Center, and only costs $35.

Without HFM Healthy Life Screens, I wouldn’t be here today.

“We didn’t need a doctor’s order and my wife and I were able to schedule our appointments on the same day so that we could go together,” Joe noted. “The screen was done with a CT scanner and was quick and painless. We were in and out in no time.”

The next day, Joe received an urgent phone call from HFM regarding his results—a score of 540—well above the average range.

“I was instructed to contact my primary care physician immediately, which I did,” Joe recalled. “From there, my physician recommended I see a cardiologist. That led to more testing, and ultimately, open heart surgery. My surgeon told me I would’ve had less than six months to live had my issue not been caught. I had no symptoms prior to the screen, so this was really a miracle-type thing for me—the HFM Healthy Life Screen truly saved my life!”

Now fully recovered, both Joe and Carol are reaping the benefits of a renewed lease on life.

“I feel ten years younger and have so much more energy,” Joe emphasized. “Plus, we’re eating better and walking more. I’m so appreciative to be able to continue to enjoy living on the homestead where I was born and raised, being active in my son’s transport business and spending time with family and friends.”

And with his refreshed, positive attitude, Joe has also become a passionate advocate for HFM Healthy Life Screens.

“I recommend the screens to everyone—especially if your family has a history of heart disease,” Joe explained. “My son and his wife had the screening and even recommend it to their friends who are in the 40s. $35 is a small price to pay for something that could end up saving your life, like it did mine.”

Learn more about the five different HFM Healthy Life Screens offered at, then call (920) 320-6777 to schedule your screening today.

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