Specialty Rehab Services Through Rehab Plus

At Rehab Plus, we’re committed to staying on the leading-edge of rehab treatments and services, and we’re proud to go above and beyond to offer an array of specialty rehab services to meet your unique rehab and therapy needs.

Aquatic therapy

Utilizing water-based therapy can be extremely effective for certain conditions. In collaboration with our Wellness Center, we’re proud to offer a variety of aquatic therapy options, provided in a state-of-the-art, warm water therapy pool.

ASTYM® therapy

This advanced form of soft tissue mobilization enables our team to effectively initiate remodeling and regeneration of dysfunctional tissue. Treatment is non-invasive and helps quickly rejuvenate muscles, tendons and ligaments—while stimulating your body’s natural healing process and reducing pain.

Concussion care

As the short and long-term impact of concussions continue to come to light, we’re proud to offer leading-edge physical therapy techniques to assist with diagnosis and ensuring proper recovery prior to returning to sport.

Dry needling

Using small, solid filament needles, dry needling treats your pain caused by muscle trigger points. The needles we use are similar to acupuncture, but their use is very different. This modern approach targets pain in joints, connective tissue and muscles in a very specific, objective manner. It’s safe, nearly pain-free—and best of all—most patients feel results within two to three sessions.

This service is available only at our HFM Harbor Town Campus.

Functional capacity evaluations

Also known as physical work performance evaluations (PWPE), therapists conduct these evaluations to objectively identify what you can safely perform when returning to work; focusing on dynamic strength, position tolerance, mobility, endurance, fine motor skills, balance and coordination. This report is then provided to the provider determining your restrictions or disability rating.

Survivorship and Rehab program

Our Survivorship and Rehab Program helps cancer patients prepare for treatment and recover more quickly and completely through compassionate, comprehensive prehabilitation and rehabilitation services.

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Home care services

We’re proud to offer a range of physical, occupational and speech therapy services direct in your home. Because we believe that a comfortable and familiar setting is a vital part of the healing process. And for many, leaving home to receive care isn’t an option.

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Lymphedema therapy

This innovative therapy treats the swelling of soft tissues, also known as lymphedema. It can also help you reduce pain and inflammation from surgery, breast cancer treatments and venous insufficiency.

This service is available only at our Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital.

Modified barium swallow studies

Through this procedure, we’re able to quickly and effectively identify the cause of your difficult or impaired swallowing, while determining the most appropriate treatment and management techniques.

Pediatric therapy

At Rehab Plus, we’re experts in what we do. And that includes providing specific, individualized care to children. Because no two patients—and no two children—are the same. We’re proud to offer an array of physical, occupational and speech therapy services in the right setting—whether in your home, your child’s day care, your local community service agency, or at our clinic.

Pelvic floor and incontinence rehabilitation

Our customized rehabilitation and therapy programs can help both men and women achieve bladder and bowel control, decrease back, leg and pelvic pain. Many women benefit from this program both pre and post-partum to help address the discomfort and challenges associated with pregnancy and following delivery.

Service is available only at our HFM Harbor Town Campus.

Vestibular rehabilitation

This rehabilitation therapy offers evaluation and treatment of dizziness and disequilibrium symptoms, including vertigo and balance issues.

Service is available only at our HFM Harbor Town Campus.

Work conditioning

At Rehab Plus, we know you need to get back to work. That’s why we’re here to create an individualized therapy program specifically designed to restore your function and safe return to work. This objective and the customized program ensures each participant has weekly goals with feedback, progresses their strength and function toward work-related activity, and is an active decision-maker in their recovery. An interactive sports medicine approach is utilized that includes specific strength training using machines and free weights, learning safe movement patterns applied to work activity, and ensuring the necessary level of cardiovascular fitness is achieved. We coordinate with patients, physicians, adjustors, and nurse case managers to ensure the ideal coordination of care and outcome for all parties.

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