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Women's Health

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare for women throughout every life stage.

My HFM Baby app is here!

Let us help you with your journey into motherhood with the My HFM Baby app. Our new app has been created to guide you through 40 weekly milestones to better understand your child's development, prenatal care to make sure mom is taken care of through the process, what to expect during labor and birth, tips and information on breastfeeding, and expert advice on how to best care for your newborn. Our app will never collect your personal health information, but will keep track of your appointments, provide a journal, track the weight of mom and baby, time contractions, keep count of the baby's kicks, give a packing list for the big day, as well as a feeding and immunization log after the baby's birth.

Please click on the Google play or App Store icons  below to download the app or search for "My HFM Baby" in your app store.

Holy Family Memorial is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare for women throughout every life stage. Whether you are welcoming a baby into the world, scheduling your first mammogram, approaching menopause, or just trying to maintain or improve your health and well-being, Holy Family Memorial can provide you with support for all of your changing health needs.

While the specific type of healthcare you need may change as you go through different life stages, the need for professional, compassionate and specialized care doesn’t. Our expert team of healthcare providers include physicians, nurses, and a certified nurse midwife who are devoted to providing high-quality obstetrical and gynecological care for women.

Holy Family Memorial offers a comprehensive list of services and programs designed especially for women. Explore the different services available:

Preventive Care

Visiting your healthcare provider regularly for preventive care is an important part of staying healthy.



The birth of a child is a exciting, joyous event. Let our experts lead you through it.


Gynecological Care

We provide a full range of women’s health services; the right care, with the experts you trust.


NEW! Pre/Post Natal Mindfulness Classes

HFM Wellness Center is pleased to offer a pre and post natal class focused on helping you feel comfortable, relaxed and fit during your pregnancy and after. Implementing stretches and relaxation exercises will help to increase energy and stamina while improving your strength, flexibility and balance.

This class, guided by yoga instructor Corinne Knab, will address the concerns of each trimester with safe, effective stretches and exercises. As your pregnancy progresses and your body changes modifications will include specialized yoga blocks, bolsters, chairs and straps to ensure safe practice. Students will learn deep breathing exercises and guided relaxation to help ease labor and delivery and promote a healthy recovery.

Class participants will have limited access to additional HFM Wellness Center equipment and services. Additional equipment and services may have additional fees.

  • HFM Wellness Center
  • 4th Tuesday each month
  • 5:30-6:30 p.m.
  • $5 for HFM patients*
  • $10 for non-HFM patients

To register, call the HFM Wellness Center at (920) 320-4600 or visit at hfmhealth.org/online-scheduling

*Ask your HFM Women’s Health provider for discount code to use for class registration.

Our OB/GYN providers

Our Certified Nurse Midwives


  • HFM Women's Health
  • 4303 Michigan Avenue
  • Manitowoc, WI 54220
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